kokopelli trailer sizes
How do I determine how much weight my trailer can carry before I overload the trailer?

Take the weight of the trailer (found on MSO), subtract that number from the GVWR (found on MSO and VIN). Then take the weight of your boat hull, add the weight of your motor, then add your fuel capacity multiplied by 7 pounds per gallon and your water capacity multiplied by 8 pounds per gallon. To account for batteries, electronics and other gear take your total boat weight and multiply by 1.1. If you add special towers or other aftermarket items, account for their weight. All of those numbers totaled should be less than the number you found by subtracting the trailer weight from the GVWR.

How do I get a quote for a trailer once I have determined the size I need?

You have a few options to order. You may use our quote form on this website and fill in the options you would like. The other options is to call the office and our friendly staff will go over your options to ensure you get the trailer you desire. If you have a trailer inquiry that is more custom than you should call the office as they may have more questions than the quote for asks.

How do I order a trailer from Kokopelli Trailers?

After getting your quote, you should decide which of the options listed you would like on your trailer. We then accept half the amount as a deposit and the other half due at the completion of the trailer. You will then be emailed an invoice showing your deposit applied and a spec sheet. The invoice should be looked over, signed, and returned in an email to the office. At that time you may also email your completed spec sheet.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, money order, wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

How long does it take to get my trailer after the deposit is made?

After your deposit is made, we order your materials. They can take as little as one week to arrive or as long as two weeks. After your material has arrived, we build the trailers for that load in the order they were received. You may get your trailer in three to six weeks due to where it fell in our order process. There are times when we are able to do it in less time. The office staff will stay in contact with you through the order process to help with planning for delivery.

Do you deliver trailers?

YES! We are located in Phoenix, Arizona, but we deliver our trailers worldwide. If you need a trailer delivered, just let us know when you are getting a quote and we will give you a shipping quote as well.

Do you deliver out of the country?

Yes, if you need a trailer shipped out of the country, we will getting a shipping quote for you. If you have a preferred shipping company please let us know so we can coordinate with them.

Do you only ship a completed trailer or will you ship a trailer in “knockdown form”?

We will ship both ways. The cost of shipping in a knockdown form is slightly more. We build the trailer and then take it apart, label, and then put it on pallets and you will assemble when it arrives to you.

My boat is a custom built boat, will you still build a trailer for it?

We build many trailers for custom or original boats. Please call the office and tell us what you are looking for. We may ask for measurements or drawings to clarify the design, then we will determine if we are able to build the trailer you desire.

Do I need a boat lock on my trailer?
We highly recommend you apply your own lock to the latched coupler and hitch. This may prevent your trailer from becoming unhitched as you travel and prevent theft of your trailer and boat.

Do you repair trailers?
We will repair the trailer if we built it. If it is from another builder we forward you to another company in Phoenix.

How do I get replacement parts for my trailer?

You may call Kokopelli Trailers to get any replacement parts for a trailer we have built. Please have the information about your trailer available, the shipping address, and your form of payment ready. In some cases you may be asked to provide photos of damage. Kokopelli Trailers is NOT responsible to warranty parts that have been modified, misused, or improperly maintained.

Do you offer a warranty for the trailers you manufacture?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty to the frame of your trailer and we will honor the other warranties our suppliers offer.

How do I get a part covered under warranty?

If you a part fails on your trailer, you should take detailed photos immediately. Then call us, we will have you send us the photos and contact our supplier for that part. If they determine that the part has failed due to their error, they will ship a new part. If they determine that the part failed due to misuse or failure to be properly maintained, you will have to purchase the part.

If I purchase my trailer from Kokopelli Trailers and then sell my trailer to another person after it is used, does my warranty transfer to the new buyer?

No, Kokopelli Trailers WILL NOT transfer a warranty to a new owner. Any trailer that has an owner other than the person Kokopelli Trailers has as the original purchaser will be considered a used trailer. The only exceptions are Kokopelli Trailers approved dealers. They may arrange for the purchase of a trailer and the warranty will go to the party they have sold the new trailer to. A customer purchasing a used Kokopelli Trailer may still get parts for the trailer. They will be at the retail cost.

May I remove the warning labels from the side of my trailer?

It is not suggested that you remove any warning labels. They are placed on your trailer to remind you of safety precautions to reduce the risk of damage to property or injury.Please check and refer back to all warning labels before operating your trailer.

What kind of bunks do you use on your trailer?

Our standard bunk style for a v bottom boat is two treated wood bunks wrapped in carpet in the front, and two aluminum rear bunks. If you have a bass boat, step hull, tunnel hull, or other flat bottom style boat, we will use wood for the rear bunks to allow for the most contact and support to your boat. Pontoons will have wood bunks along the top of the frame to cradle the toons. If you want the bunks to be in a style that is not common on your type of boat, please discuss your wishes at the time of your quote and we will build it that way if we are able.

How wide can you make your trailers?

The maximum legal width a trailer can be is 102”. If we go over that width, you need a pilot car to tow your boat.

What kind of grease does Kokopelli in their trailer wheel bearings?

Kokopelli uses high temp multi purpose grease as factory-fill on all wheel bearings. It is a lithium-complex based grease.

Do I have to use the exact same wheel bearing grease that Kokopelli uses?

Not exactly. The brand name is unimportant. What is very important is the type and quality of the grease you choose. Kokopelli factory-fill grease is a
multi-purpose lithium-complex based product. It is compatible with most any lithium-complex based grease readily available at any marine or auto parts store.

What is the correct greasing procedure recommended by Kokopelli?

The answer depends on whether your trailer is equipped with bearing buddies, Sure-Lube, or Super Lube hub systems.

I have a Sure-Lube/Allu Lube hub. What is the correct way to add grease?

The Super-Lube system is non-pressurized. Lubricant can be added at any time without fear of over pressurizing the hub. The system is identified by a one piece cap with an exposed grease fitting. The cap may be all metal, or plastic with a metal grease fitting. Add grease using a standard pistol grip style grease gun.

Contaminated grease will be expelled out the rear of the spindle. It will lay atop the axle tube on some models, or may be forced into the interior cavity of the axle tube on others. Top off with five or six strokes of the grease gun lever.

When is the best time to check and add grease?

Generally, the hub is most prone to water infiltration when at operating temperature
(warm to the touch) and immersed in ambient water while launching your boat. This will most likely occur during launch after an over-the-road tow. The ambient water will quickly cool the grease reservoir causing the hot grease to contract. Water infiltration by siphon will ensue. Add grease to displace water on all BUT bearing buddy equipped models. If towing long distance, monitor hub condition at each rest or gasoline stop. Add grease as necessary.

Do I need to add grease again at the end of the day when retrieving my boat?

Generally, no. Most times the trailer has sat at the ramp and cooled to match ambient temperatures. Very little, if any, water will intrude into the bearing cavity under these conditions. However, if you must store your trailer several miles from the ramp it may be advantageous for you to add grease again after retrieval.

What is the regularly scheduled maintenance interval for wheel bearings on a boat trailer?

Boat trailer wheel bearings should be regularly maintained as per the above recommendations based on the particular system in question. Also, at the end of each season, each hub on a trailer should be disassembled and examined for wear and contamination, regardless of trailer age.

What size bearings are on my trailer?

Kokopelli trailers should have one of two bearing sizes:
Inner 1.375, 5 Lug |
Outer 1.0625 3.5k
Inner 1.75, 5.2k, 6 Lug |
Outer 1.25, 6k-7k, 8 Lug

What kind of axles do you use on your trailers?

All of our trailers are built with torsion axles.

How often should I grease my axles?

You should grease your axles at the very least every quarter. If you use your trailer frequently or use it in salt water, you may need to grease your axles more. If your trailer sits for a long period of time (winter or summer season) then you should check the grease level before operating the trailer. If you do not properly grease and maintain your axles, the bearings will wear out and break. Kokopelli Trailers is NOT responsible to warranty axles that are not properly maintained.

How do I grease my axles?

Use a grease gun filled with marine grade lithium based axle grease. Carefully remove the end cap on the axle. Fit the grease gun to the zerk fitting inside the axle and pump the grease gun. You should continue to fill until a small amount comes back. Then replace the cap and repeat on the other side. Kokopelli Trailers fills the grease in all axles prior to leaving our manufacturing facility. The customer is responsible for maintaining the axles with grease after delivery.

Do I need brakes on my trailer?

Different states have different laws on what is required as a braking system on your trailer. Kokopelli Trailers has to build trailers that meet the safety regulations of those states. If you live in a state that does not have specific regulations, we recommend that tandem axle trailers have brakes on at least one axle and triple axle trailers have brakes on at least two axles. Remember that having brakes on your trailer will be less wear on your tow vehicle’s brakes.

Will I need to replace my brakes?

Yes, over time brakes will wear down and you will have to replace them. We only use disc brakes on our trailers. Disc brakes are easier to change and easier to keep clean. If you are unsure which size disc of on your trailer, you may contact Kokopelli Trailers and they can tell you. The customer is responsible for maintaining brakes and replacing them as they naturally wear down. You may order replacement parts from Kokopelli Trailers.

Do I need to replace my brake fluid?

Yes, you should bleed your brake fluid annually into a new container and use DOT3 fluid to replace the old brake fluid. Do not reuse the old brake fluid. Please dispose of it properly.

How do I bleed my brakes?

All new trailers come with the brakes bled. You will need to bleed them after replacing the brake fluid during your regularly scheduled maintenance.

What type of hitch do I need for my new trailer?

The trailers under 6000 pounds will use a 2 inch ball. Trailers over that will use a 2 5/16 ball. If you are unsure, please contact Kokopelli Trailers to make sure you have the correct size.

May I use a weight distributing hitch with my trailer?

Kokopelli Trailers strongly recommends that you DO NOT use this type of hitch. If you choose to use this type of hitch then Kokopelli Trailers is not responsible for any damage caused to the trailer, tow vehicle, other vehicles or persons.

Do you install hitches?

Depending on our workload, we may be able to install your hitch for you. During season when the workload in increased, we suggest getting it installed prior to picking up your trailer. If you need your hitch installed, please call ahead and we will let you know if it can be scheduled.

Do I need to check my wheel lugs? How often?

Yes, you need to check your wheel lugs after 10, 25, and 50 miles, and after long storage periods. You should tighten your lugs with a torque wrench in a star formation.

Boat and Trailer Checklist

You should complete this checklist prior to each use. This checklist is intended to enhance your boating experience and life of your trailer.

  • ð Ball matches coupler size and boat lock is secure
  • ð All lights are in working order (running lights, brake lights, signal lights)
  • ð Tire pressure is properly adjusted and lug nuts tightened
  • ð Axles are properly greased
  • ð All bolts, nuts, and brackets are tightened
  • ð Brake fluid is maintained at a proper level and brakes are in working order (if applicable)
  • ð Boat is properly tied down at the transom and boat is snug with bow stand roller
  • ð All safety chains and emergency stop cables connected
  • ð After use, wash trailer and lubricate moving parts. (Especially in saltwater.)

Remember a properly maintained trailer from Kokopelli Trailers will last for years to come. We want you to enjoy your boating experience. If you have any questions about your trailer, please contact us. We are here to help you!