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Sure, you could keep your boat on a dock. But that's not what they are made for!

Apache Canyon

Take it There!


Go see the sunsets!

Serenity - A place to go to!

Saguaro Lake

When you need to get away....

It's time to roll out the 2018 Kokopelli models. Which means it's time for our Year End Model Sale! Through the month of August get 2017 pricing for 2018 trailers. Go to and fill out a form submission or call 602-256-1300.

Kokopelli Trailers Buddy Bearings




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Pontoon Trailers

Getting those Pontoon Boats out to the docks has never been more stylish. Kokopelli Trailers makes the trailers that help launch family parties, corporate events, and good times.

Catamaran Boat Trailers

At Kokopelli Trailers, we take pride in enhancing the beauty of your water craft. With our attention to detail and expertise, you’ll be the envy of boaters everywhere.

Bass Boat Trailers

Why should you be stuck to one fish hole? Explore the possibilities with a Kokopelli Trailer. Besides, you know the other spot has bigger fish. Go get em!

V-Hull Boats

While V hull style boats are most common. You can be the one that stands out. Kokopelli Trailers is tough enough to withstand the roughest oceans and the calmest lakes in style.


Our high quality and attention to detail help you set sails with ease!

Our Working ProcessGet Your Quote

We will will discuss options to make your trailer as basic or as custom as you would like.

Planning & Strategy

Before we make the first cut we collect information about your particular watercraft.

Design & Development

Our experienced designer will lay out the design of your new trailer.

Test & Deliver

Once we complete the assembly process, your picture perfect trailer is ready for delivery.


What do our Customers say about us?
  • Thank you Kokopelli for making such a great versatile trailer. It saved a boat from sinking and allowed four couples to become good friends.
    LaMarr Lilly // Possum Kingdom Lake Texas